What is the P & F Association?


All parents who have a child enrolled at St Francis Catholic Primary School are members of the P&F Association.The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) are essentially the community voice of St Francis. The Association provides the opportunity for parents and friends to openly discuss topics relating to St Francis Catholic Primary School. The P&F is made up of a number of key groups working together to provide the children of St Francis with the resources that they need, whilst fostering a strong sense of community in our school. The key stakeholders are the Parents & Friends of St Francis, the staff, our school community (parents), but most importantly the children

The P&F structure comprises:

  • P&F Executive: provides governance to the overall efforts of the P&F. They organize, chair and administer the monthly meetings and work with Leadership and staff to identify, prioritize and purchase vital resources. This group also supports each of the below groups with their designated tasks.
  • Community Liaison Representative: ensures new families are welcomed (eg via Meet and Greet morning teas), supports the entire community of St Francis (especially those in need eg illness) and maximizes communication relating to school and P&F events.
  • Grounds/Garden group: are responsible for taking care of our grounds and ensuring our children have beautiful surroundings within which to grow and learn.
  • Uniform group: are responsible for providing our children and school with a strong identity, one that we can all be proud of.
  • Grants group: actively looks for opportunities to apply for sponsorship from industry, business and government institutions to provide much needed resources for our children and the school.
  • Social/event subgroups: provides opportunities for parents/ friends/students/staff to come together to socialise and build a strong community spirit. eg discos, BBQs, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day stalls.
  • Fundraising subgroups: (eg High Tea and Market Day) organize major fundraising events each year. These events are key to raising funds for the resources our children and school needs.
Norm Thompson